Our Instructors

All Tolworth YBC Instructors are CRB cleared and hold formal tenpin instruction qualifications as well as having many years of experience in teaching young children.

Most have children actually in the YBC or have had children who have benefited from being a member of YBC in the past. However we are also proud to include instructors who have been part of the YBC in the past and now have gone on as adults to gain instructors qualifications.

For the PeeWees we have two instructors who specialise in helping the younger bowlers to learn to bowl without the use of aids. However in the event of illness or holidays, an Instructor who works with the older bowlers may help for the day.

When our bowlers go to a Tournament, the instructor helping them can be any of our registered YBC Instructors. For our PeeWee Instructors it is very rewarding working again with bowlers who we helped to learn the basic craft of tenpin bowling .


Instruction Sessions

For PeeWees we start practice and instruction at just after 9 am every Saturday. The lanes are provided for all bowlers taking part in the league which follows at 9:30 am and for new bowlers wanting to join the league.

For children who are new to bowling without any aids, we ask that they arrive at or soon after 9 am as this is when we are less busy and can devote more time to them. Our target in the first week is to enable them to regularly get the ball all the way to the pins without the help of gutter protectors or ramps.

For the younger bowlers, we may teach 2 handed bowling at the start then progress to conventional single handed bowler at some point in the future. Bowling two handed can be very effective – in the past one of our youngsters achieved a 210 game bowling this way (a score of 300 is a perfect game of 12 strikes).

During League Play, Instructors are still available but will normally only be there to remind bowlers about things learnt during the instruction session, keep an eye on lane safety and make scores / bowling order adjustments when needed.

For PeeWees, we ask parents to remain in the centre as Instructors are responsible for the well being of the children on the lanes. The bowl is a public building and we can not keep an eye on children who need to leave the lanes for any reason as this would put the other children at risk. Most parents find it very enjoyable having the opportunity to watch their children progress and having time to have a chat with other parents at the same time.


For the Young Ones, instruction takes place after bowling. Normally this is initially without pins in order to develop aspects of a bowlers approach, release and targeting. Later in the session we run with pins so that the effects of what has been taught can be seen in pinfall. It must be emphasised these sessions are not about games scores; they are about developing bowling skills.

Whilst the Young Ones Instruction session is intended primarily for them, some of the up and coming Peewees may be allowed to take part as a treat / preparing them for the move up to the Young Ones League.


We also ask that all bowlers wear the YBC shirts each week as this helps us in keeping an eye on all the children on the lanes as well as promoting the YBC to the public. For tournaments with teams, bowlers are required to wear a YBC shirt from their centre.

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