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Little Jamie

Little Jamie

Once upon a time there was a YBC bowler known as Little Jamie. He was a good bowler for his age and at nearly every tournament we were asked “how old is he?” and everyone was amazed when they learned how young he was.

Then someone suggested a photo with Chris Manders would be fun – even kneeling he towered above Jamie.

But then Jamie started growing……….

Just a few years on at the 2014 Christmas party,…

Going Up!

Going Up!


Jamie is still a junior but is rapidly catching up Chris. They even bowled as partners in the Scotch Doubles.



Scotch Doubles Winners 2016

GROWING, GROWING, Still Growing in 2016





The BIG Questions are:-

Will Jamie be taller than Chris?

When will he stop growing?

Do we dare let anyone else be pictured alongside Chris again?

Have they an unfair height advantage for Scotch Doubles?


Page updated 10th December 2016

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