Tolworth Youth Bowling Club is based at the Hollywood Charrington Bowl in Tolworth, Kingston, Surrey. This site is specifically aimed at younger bowlers – from about 4 to 10 years old. However we are part of the YBC which covers bowlers up to the 18.

Tournaments give the young bowlers an opportunity to be part of a team with older bowlers (many YBC tournament formats require teams to be of mixed ages). Our instructors can be with any team which means we see children progress from a beginner through to very good bowlers. Many of our bowlers have gone on to represent our County and Country as well as the YBC – an indication of the dedication of all involved in the YBC .

PeeWee bowling (for younger bowlers) at Tolworth is a mixture of fun, learning to bowl successfully, bowling in a weekly league, making new friends and competing in tournaments.

Our PeeWees at tournaments are one of the most successful clubs. The trophy shown in the photos with some of our small bowlers has been won regularly by our club at the Nationals. This tournament is one which has a special PeeWee team event. It runs throughout May on every weekend with different YBCs / teams taking part each weekend.

  • We won!!!!

Bowling is taught by our qualified instructors who have had many years experience in helping youngsters succeed in getting the ball down the lane and hitting pins – all without the aid of gutter protectors!

Instruction is totally free and is run before each weeks league. There is a small charge for league which covers the cost of bowling, prizes and a special end of season event. Through league sponsorship, every bowler is provided with a YBC shirt.

Practice / Instruction starts just after 9 am on Saturdays with the league starting at just after 9:30am for Peewees.

As bowler skills develop, they can move up to the Young Ones League. For more details of  the Young Ones please visit this page.

For Young Ones league bowling starts at just after 9:00am with Practice / Instruction following on at  about 11 am on Saturdays.

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      Bowl has put start time for doors open to 9:30. At moment it is summer “fun” bowling with the aim of getting new bowlers started and keeping YBC bowlers active during the summer. Poster in the bowl has now caught up with the new opening time. Do watch the front page for news; there is currently a problem with the lane dressing machine which may cause us to cancel on 15th September.

      Nick P


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